Friday, November 1, 2013

Champion Boxer and Dancing With The Stars contestant Victor Ortiz releases VO Men’s Fragrance

What a cool shoot this was! I hit the buzzer of my security gate and in pulled a tricked out sport Bentley Continental GT. Even sitting still, this car looked like it was moving at the speed of light. The door opened and out step #Victor #Ortiz champion boxer and resent Dancing with the Stars contestant. I must admit I was expecting the usual celebrity shoot, accompanied by entourage and attitude. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Victor was a very cool down to earth guy. No, “I’m so special” attitude, Just the same workman like approach that has propelled him to the upper ranks of the pro #boxing community. Accompanied by the art director and a video crew we all settled down to create a #Portrait ad campaign for Victor’s new line of men’s toiletries. It takes a while for things to transition from image creation to final product but Victor Ortiz’s VO #cologne is now available through most men’s cosmetic suppliers.

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