Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Workshop and Mentoring At L. A. Metro Studios

We just wrapped a Sunday afternoon workshop and shoot at my studio with an up and coming new talent Brittini Barlow doing the #modeling—her images to follow shortly. My regular #makeup artist was not available so I brought in a new person I have never worked with before. As you can guess this is a gamble because a bad makeup artist can ruin a good shoot. I have to admit I was blown away by Shawn’s ability.

During a break in the shooting while, the model was changing I need someone to set in while I adjusted the lighting. Well I grabbed Shawn and threw him in front of the camera. If there was ever any doubt as to his ability as a makeup artist the way he did his own makeup proved he has major talent. As I began editing the images from the shoot Shawn’s photos just popped so I did a fast retouch and though I would posting an image here. If you need a great makeup artist, give him a try at Facebook at Shawn Jermaine.

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